Placing an order

Q: How can I order your beer?

A: Most of our beer is available through LCBO’s private ordering. When new beers are made available, we announce it by our eNewsletterTwitter , Instagram and on our Facebook page.  Ordering’s as easy as emailing Gleemer with the beer you would like, paying for your order (more on that later) and waiting for your order to be shipped to Ontario.

Q: Are your orders only available for bars and restaurants?

A: Nope! Our orders are currently available to all Ontario residents, Ontario bars and Ontario restaurants.

Q: How long does it take for my order to arrive in Ontario?

A: So, we do two types of order. The first is what’s called a pre-order. If we’re looking at carrying a beer and want to make sure there’s demand, we’ll ask clients to place their order prior to the beer leaving the brewery. Once the order is completed, it is packaged by the brewery, shipped to Ontario, received by the LCBO, lab tested and prepared for our customers.  It usually takes three to four months from start to finish and for the beer to be available. On occasion, there may be delays that are beyond our control, such as shipping issues or delays from the LCBO.  The second type of order would be for beer that we carry as part of our “regular” inventory. This fluctuates based on the time of the year and based on demand. But if the beer’s in our Toronto warehouse, our clients can purchase the beer and receive it within the week.

Q: How does payment work?

A: It’s very easy. When you place your order, you will receive an invoice.  For pre-orders, clients need to pay their invoice prior to the beer leaving the warehouse.  We will send you an electronic invoice, which allows you to securely pay with your credit card online. When your payment’s complete, you will receive a receipt and your order will be completed shortly.

Q: How can I pick up my beer from Gleemer?

A: Once the order is ready, we will notify you by email. You can either pick the order up directly from the LCBO warehouse (33 Freeland St, Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00) after we arrange for your pick-up time and date 1 day in advance, or you can opt to have Gleemer pick it up at the warehouse on your behalf and you would then pick it up from Gleemer Central (near Broadview Station).  Please keep in mind that your order *must* be picked up from the LCBO warehouse or from Gleemer Central shortly after it is made available. The LCBO reserves the right to destroy any orders that remain “unclaimed”.

Q: But I don’t live in the GTA. Can the order be delivered to my city?

A: Heck yeah! The LCBO will deliver your order – for free! – to any LCBO store. All we need is the LCBO store number (not address!) upon you placing your order. After your order arrives at the LCBO warehouse, it will be shipped to your store within 4 -6 weeks. The store is supposed to contact you when the order arrives, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a call to see if they have the order in yet. Once the order leaves the LCBO warehouse for delivery, we, as the agency, do not have the ability to track the order directly, so it’s always best to call your store to find out if your order has arrived.

Q: I had a Gleemer beer at a bar. Loved it! Can I order it from you?

A: Our beer orders are placed based on brewery availability. On occasion, we will bring in rare and small batches and may not be able to re-order those beer down the road.