Placing an order

Q: How can I order your beer?

A: Most of our beer is available through LCBO’s private ordering. When new orders are open, our customers are notified by email, via Twitter or on our Facebook page.  Ordering’s as easy as contacting Gleemer, completing an order form, paying for your order (more on that later) and waiting for your order to be shipped to Ontario.

Q: Are your orders only available for bars and restaurants?

A: Nope! Our orders are currently available to all Ontario residents, Ontario bars and Ontario restaurants.

Q: How long does it take for my order to arrive in Ontario?

A: Once the order is placed by us, it is packaged by the brewery, shipped to Ontario, received, lab tested and prepared for our customers.  It usually takes three to four months from start to finish and for the beer to be available. On occasion, there may be delays that are beyond our control, such as shipping issues or delays from the LCBO

Q: How does payment work?

A: It’s very easy. When you place your order, you will receive an invoice.  Since every case is designated to a customer, we ask for a two-part payment: a 25% deposit is requested upon placing the order, and the balance is due once we finalize the order with the brewery.  We accept credit card payments and payment instructions are found in the body of the invoice.   One small catch: the LCBO finalizes all prices once the order is received in their warehouse, so there is a chance that the price may change slightly (by a few dollars).

Q: I received paperwork from you and the price on there doesn’t match the price in your email!

A: Don’t worry. This is something that, at times, can confuse us as well. The LCBO needs customers to sign an order form. The price on the ordersheet is before the LCBO adds taxes, mark-up and a delivery charge. Why they do this, you may ask? We don’t know. Basically, don’t worry about the price on the order form, but if you’re the type to worry, know that the price on the form minus the price we quoted is how much goes to the government. Hurrah for taxes! Unless changed by the LCBO upon arrival at the warehouse, the price we quote will be pretty darn close to the price you’re paying. On occasion, there’s a small difference in price, and whether its more or less, we will contact you to take care of it accordingly.

Q: I had a Gleemer beer at a bar. Loved it! Can I order it from you?

A: Our beer orders are placed based on brewery availability. On occasion, we will bring in rare and small batches and may not be able to re-order those beer down the road.