Upcoming beer orders

The following are orders that are available for order or are in transit:

Brewery: Hanssens Artisinaal
Beer: Oude Geuze, Oude Schaarbekse Kriek
Status: In transit

Availability date: October 2019

Beer: Fantome Saison, Dark Saison, Hiver
Status: in LCBO Warehouse

Availability date: September 2019

Brewery: De Dolle
Beer: Dulle Teve, Extra Export Stout, Oerbier
Status: in LCBO Warehouse/Lab testing

Availability date: August-September 2019

Brewery: 3 Fonteinen
Beer: Golden Blend, Armand & Gaston Magnums (5 % abv geuze), Framboos(lambic aged on raspberries)
Status: in LCBO Warehouse

Availability date: August 2019

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